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In this page, you can find answers to the most common questions about Eggup.

Are all the assessments created by Eggup?

Eggup has made a deliberate choice to configure its assessments starting from a database of 226 internationally validated soft skills belonging to 25 different psychometric theories.

Moreover, we have a collaboration in place with LUMSA University in Rome for the validation and updating of the main assessment models available within our platform.

The questionnaires can be customized based on, for example, a company’s own competency or leadership model, or they can be simply chosen from our catalogue, which is available HERE.

Do you have assessment tools that can be used for both people development and recruiting purposes?

Yes. Our assessments, whether pre-configured or customized based on our client needs, can be used both for people development and recruiting purposes.

The assessments available in our catalogue are categorized as:

  • Assessments for Recruitment
  • Assessment for Training and Development 
  • Multifunctional Assessments

You can view the catalogue HERE.

Do you also provide support in competency mapping activities?

Yes, we offer our clients competency mapping services using an operational model based on the concept of ‘co-design‘. Firstly, we highlight a company’s HR priorities and main objectives. In collaboration with our clients, we then identify all professional roles and key soft skills within the company. We define job titles and specific competencies for each role based on this information. Finally, we select or create personalized assessments to evaluate the soft skills required for these roles. This way, we are able to provide our clients with a service that fully meets their needs.

Do you provide support in company restructuring processes?

Yes, through a consulting service that accompanies our clients in corporate restructuring or change management processes. Based on the values or competency model that we create together with the client, we define one or more questionnaires aimed at evaluating the required skills within the company.

Can I manage all operations from my account?

Yes, within your account you can handle all activities related to test delivery, Smart Coach delivery, and collection of results. You can send out questionnaires with personalized messages, monitor result trends, and generate reports (two versions are available: one for the HR and one for the  final users).

The Eggup account is completely customized with the client’s brand identity, as well as the assessments, the Smart Coach and the reports. This ensures a consistent and recognizable experience for all users.

Do you provide support in interpreting the reports?

Our reports are designed to be accessible and easy to read, even for those without specific HR expertise.

However, included in the annual subscription cost, are some training and consulting sessions with our Assessment & Customer Success Manager to provide guidance in interpreting the reports. Additionally, for certain projects, it’s possible to involve our assessment expert in 1:1 feedback sessions with individuals included in training and development projects.

Can I take the test on a mobile device?

Certainly, the assessments are accessible from any device. Regardless of the chosen device, we suggest taking the tests in distraction-free environments to prevent external sources from influencing the results.

How much time does it take to generate the reports?

The reports are generated in real-time, making them immediately available for download upon completion of the assessment. Reports can be downloaded in two versions: the user version and the HR version. The user version is intended for the respondent, while the HR version is for HR/project managers.

These reports can be used internally by HR to gain deeper insights into candidates or employees and make more informed decisions in recruiting or training and development processes. They can also be sent to respondents as a feedback tool during the onboarding process (for newly hired candidates entering the company) or during 1:1 meetings within development programs.

Is there an additional cost if a report is generated multiple times?

No, the cost of a single report allows you to download it whenever you deem necessary. Furthermore, paying for a single report enables the download of both the final user and the HR versions.

Is there a notification system within the platform?
  • Yes, from your account you can choose which notifications to receive from the platform.In the questionnaire delivery section, you can activate notifications for the following activities:
    • Someone has started the questionnaire
    • Someone has completed the questionnaire
    • Someone has completed the Smart Coach
How long does it take to activate a new account?

The account opening and set-up take approximately 48 hours upon signing the contract.

How much time does it take to build a customized assessment?

Customized assessments are created through a co-design process aimed at identifying the client’s specific goals and needs. If information exchange occurs smoothly and collaboratively, a customized assessment can be developed within a week.

How long do the questionnaires typically last?

The duration of the questionnaires depends on the number of soft skills included in the analysis. Questionnaires typically have a maximum duration of 15-20 minutes.

Can the questions (items) in a questionnaire be modified?

No, even in the case of customized assessments, it is not possible to modify the items (questions) or parts of them. The immutability of the items is necessary to maintain the reliability and validity of the assessment itself. Each soft skill is validated by a minimum set of items that includes a predetermined number of statements. Even questions that may seem similar are essential to ensure the reliability of the tool.

How are the results delivered?

The results are delivered in two ways:

  • In the form of numerical scores, viewable directly on the platform’s administrative dashboard and exportable in CSV/Excel format for an aggregated data overview.
  • In the form of reports, available in final user versions (to be returned to respondents after completing the assessment) and HR versions (including additional behavioral indicators and suggested interview questions). The reports are designed to be easy to read and accessible, hence specific HR expertise is not necessary for a good understanding of the results.
Can I choose the Smart Coach suggestions, when, and how to deliver them?

The Smart Coach is designed to provide personalized suggestions for continuous self-development based on the assessment results. Delivery can occur in various ways: via email flow, through the Eggup platform using specific digital cards, or as a final section within the reports.

When sending out the questionnaire, it’s possible to select the type of content to deliver (courses, books, movies, TED Talks, podcasts, songs, and biographies), the frequency of delivery, the specific soft skills to focus on, and the delivery mode of the content.

Are the assessments deliverable only through the Eggup platform?

No, the assessments can be delivered through either the Eggup platform or other third-party management systems via API integrations. Documentation regarding our APIs can be found HERE.

The timeline to complete an hybrid integration is approximately 20 business days.

What is the Coverage Index and how is it calculated?

The Coverage Index is a unique indicator that measures the degree of coverage of all the skills included in the assessment. This indicator is useful in processes where understanding the breadth of the respondent’s coverage concerning all examined soft skills is necessary.

It is not derived from a simple mathematical calculation of individual skill results but rather from the mean minus the standard deviation. It is a statistical approach particularly useful when considering variability.

Are logical reasoning tests also available?

Yes, upon request, we can provide logical reasoning tests, including: deductive reasoning, mechanical reasoning, verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning, and visual-spatial aptitude tests. For each test, we offer different levels of complexity: basic, intermediate, and advanced.

Entry or middle-level tests can be particularly useful in recruiting processes. They can be employed in the initial phases of the process, in certain business contexts, to assess candidates’ suitability for the role. In the subsequent stages, we recommend other candidates’ evaluation tools using a combination of soft skills’ self-assessments.

How do you recommend using 360-degree evaluation in conjunction with other assessment solutions?

The 360-degree assessment model represents an advanced and comprehensive approach adopted by organizations to holistically evaluate the skills and behaviors of their people. This method involves various key figures, such as colleagues and managers, to gather comprehensive and diverse feedback on an individual’s performance, providing a complete view of their skills.

This tool is very useful when creating individual development plans. Following an initial self-assessment phase by the individual, where a soft skills’ self-assessment can be administered, we recommend utilizing the 360-degree model to obtain a comprehensive overview of their performance. The generated reports can significantly support one-to-one sessions with managers by comparing individual perceptions with team and manager evaluations.

Regarding the 360-degree assessment, Eggup provides two types of reporting:

  • An individual view version for each respondent;
  • A global view version for the entire segment of the company population involved in the development project.
How reliable is the Portrait image-base test?

The initiative to develop this tool stemmed from the goal of exploring the soft skills linked to the Big Five Model using images instead of textual questions. This methodological approach, exclusively based on images, proved to be quite advantageous in overcoming various issues highlighted in the specialized literature, including social desirability, cultural biases, and challenges related to subjective introspection ability.

To support the validity and reliability of this innovative tool, we conducted two pilot studies in collaboration with LUMSA University in Rome, involving a sample of over 500 participants. The analysis conducted on these studies confirmed that the ‘Image-based Test’ represents a valid and reliable tool, capable of implicitly measuring personality through the Big Five model.

How to deliver soft skills assessments through the Eggup platform?

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