The EggupLAB project stems from the will to explore new trends regarding soft skills. We always maintain the same focus: enabling people to discover their own strengths and areas of development for a personal development journey starting from increased self-awareness.

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EggupLAB has been conceived, on the one hand, as a small internal research center, and on the other hand as an educational observatory on soft skills.

We have a very precise vision: to have academics, entrepreneurs, managers, and institutional representatives sit around the same table to discuss and choose a specific soft skills topic to be then further explored in the following six months.

To do so, we set up an Advisory Board of ten members that belong to the academic, entrepreneurial, managerial, and institutional worlds.

The results of our research are intended to be a starting point for future activities, aimed at exploring the topics analysed during the various semesters of activity of EggupLAB in even greater detail.


Scientific purpose

To build and validate soft skills assessments according to the current social and historical context’s trends and market needs


Informative purpose

To analyze, examine and divulge soft skills trends, also by means of scientific papers


multipotenzialità e soft skill


What are the soft skills that distinguish a multipotential person?

Punto interrogativo


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