The EggupLAB project stems from the will to explore new trends regarding soft skills. We always maintain the same focus: enabling people to discover their own strengths and areas of development for a personal development journey starting from increased self-awareness.

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EggupLAB has been conceived, on the one hand, as a small internal research center, and on the other hand as an educational observatory on soft skills.

We have a very precise vision: to have academics, entrepreneurs, managers, and institutional representatives sit around the same table to discuss and choose a specific soft skills topic to be then further explored in the following six months.

To do so, we set up an Advisory Board of ten members that belong to the academic, entrepreneurial, managerial, and institutional worlds.

The results of our research are intended to be a starting point for future activities, aimed at exploring the topics analysed during the various semesters of activity of EggupLAB in even greater detail.


Scientific purpose

To build and validate soft skills assessments according to the current social and historical context’s trends and market needs

Informative purpose

To analyze, examine and divulge soft skills trends, also by means of scientific papers


Antonella Salvatore

John Cabot University

Former manager, she has been teaching in the Business Administration department at John Cabot University since 2010 and she also manages the Center for Career Services and Continuing Education. She’s a member of the strategic planning committee and the University’s HR task force. In 2019 she founded “Osservatorio Cultura Lavoro”, a company that cares about bringing career guidance services in schools in order to reduce educational poverty.

Antonino Callea

LUMSA University

Occupational Psychologist and Associate Professor of Psychometry at LUMSA University of Rome. Consultant for the validation and development of organizational assessments, for data analysis and classroom training.

Benedetto Buono

Founding Partner Buono & Partners

Founding Partner of Buono & Partners consulting boutique. He has gained management experience in Italian and international companies in finance, industry, and strategic consultancy. He is also a co-founder of Eggup.

Claudio Panico

Bocconi University

Associate Professor of Strategy and Economics at Bocconi University where he teaches at PhD level and in master’s degrees programs. His teaching and research interests are in the use of formal models to understand teams, hierarchies, knowledge networks, and platform-based ecosystems.

Fausto Turco

Entrepreneur in the IT field

CEO of Si-Net, he has always been passionate about informatics. He has started out as a programmer and has been studying and implementing Digital Transformation projects for professional firms for years. Currently, he is completely focused on Digital Transformation and Digital Mindset projects for professional firms. His greatest satisfaction is having gone from selling devices to designing tailored IT solutions. 

Flavio Urbini

LUMSA University

Psychologist and PhD in Occupational Psychology, he is a researcher in Psychometry at LUMSA University of Rome. Professionally, he deals with the creation and adaptation of measuring instruments in the psychological field.

Maria Meles

Zucchetti Group

Occupational psychologist, with several years of experience in HR, ranging from recruitment to personnel management and development. Today, she is a reference point for the Zucchetti Group’s Talent Management activities and personally supports resources and organizations in change processes through various methodologies (such as assessment, development center, etc.) Her motto? Right people, in the right place… at the right time!

Roberta Virtuani

Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

Business Administration and HR Management researcher and Professor of the Personal Development course at Sacro Cuore University of Piacenza. She earned a PhD in Business Administration at Bocconi University. She has been a visiting scholar at the University of Amsterdam. She’s the author of books and articles for Italian and international magazines.

Silvia Dello Russo

LUISS University

PhD, Occupational Psychologist, Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior and HR Management at LUISS Guido Carli University of Rome. Her research activity is focused on people management practices aimed at motivating and developing people on lifelong work motivation and on interpersonal workplace relationships.

Simone Visentin

Zucchetti Group

After getting his master’s degree in Management for Digital Innovation at MIP Politecnico of Milano, his career began and developed within structured HR departments, where he dealt with administrative and organizational processes for HR management. Today he continues to deal with HR topics, but as an information systems expert consultant to support companies in their digitalization and technological solutions implementation projects.

Multipotentiality & soft skills


In a society that increasingly values horizontal and cross-disciplinary interests and abilities, multipotentiality is an added value. Multipotential individuals are those with numerous interests and talents that span across various fields and domains. What are the soft skills that predominantly characterize multipotential individuals? Is there a difference in these soft skills between multipotential and non-multipotential individuals?

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