Profiling Of Respondents Through A digital Image-based Test

Deliver your soft skill assessments in an innovative way through the exclusive use of images.

PORTRAIT helps you give suggestions your users are looking for.


It is the first image-based assessment that allows you to acquire even more relevant data on your people. Portrait is an extremely practical and engaging solution, adaptable to the needs of any company, with the support of a rigorous scientific methodology and years of experience in understanding human behavior. Thanks to the ability to acquire reliable and accessible data, Portrait identifies valuable insights on customers, enabling companies to successfully achieve their existing goals and set new, previously unreachable, ones.


Target Audience



Brand Specialist

Possibility to customize the communication style of a certain brand for each type of customer through data obtained from using Portrait

CRM Specialist

Possibility to add a distinctive and valuable feature to your CRM thanks to the integration with Eggup to offer a customer-tailored service to your clients.

Customer Behaviour Analyst

Possibility to easily, innovatively, and engagingly correlate personality data to consumption data through Portrait.

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Portrait: Engaging Understanding

The image-based assessment has been developed thanks to the following funding: Determination No. G16162 of 12/23/2020 published in the BURL No. 155 of 12/29/2020, the Director of the Regional Director for Economic Development and Productive Activities, admitted the “PORTRAIT” project for a total value of € 43,750.00.

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