Big Five Factor Markers – Eggup Version

The Big Five Factor Markers questionnaire is the result of a collaboration with LUMSA University in Rome, which subjected it to rigorous statistical and psychometric analyses to ensure its reliability and validity. The assessment is based on the established theory of the “Big Five” personality traits, dividing it into five fundamental dimensions: Energy, Friendliness, Responsibility, Emotional Stability, and Open-mindedness. The objective of this assessment is to increase individual awareness, enabling professionals to explore and understand their personal and behavioral characteristics in relation to these dimensions. This process of self-reflection is essential for enhancing personal awareness and continuous development. The tool provides an overview of personal strengths and areas for growth, which can assist in creating a better balance between the challenges of work and personal life.


The questionnaire analyzes the following soft skills: Energy, Friendliness, Responsibility, Emotional Stability, Open-mindedness.

Time for completion

6 minutes


Number of items


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