Inclusive Leadership

In the current socio-historical context, themes such as diversity and inclusion represent essential pillars for individual and corporate development. These concepts transcend mere “doing the right thing,” transforming into true drivers that steer growth. Embracing heterogeneity within the workplace isn’t just an ethical choice but a strategic approach to stimulate long-term productivity and success. This involves actively guiding growth strategies, encouraging participation, and valuing diverse perspectives within the team. This integrated and inclusive perspective translates into a more innovative, resilient, and adaptable work environment. The assessment tool aims to analyze skills related to the concept of inclusive leadership to enhance self-awareness regarding these attitudes and the ability to create an environment where each individual feels recognized, valued, and an integral part of collective success. The results can serve as a guide for creating personal and organizational development programs, contributing to establishing an authentically inclusive corporate culture geared toward sustainable growth.


The questionnaire examines the following soft skills: Social Intelligence, Teamwork, Understanding, Relational Leadership, Assertiveness, Intellectual Breadth, Planfulness, Insight, Flexibility, Valor, Achievement Striving, Integrity, Responsibility.

Time for completion

14 minutes


Number of items


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