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Questionnaire with images, what are the advantages?


This research illustrates how to develop soft skills via a questionnaire that investigates emotional intelligence through images.

The goal is to highlight how a tool that replaces verbal reasoning with visual language can be the starting point of the main 4 steps of one’s emotional development, by finding the right keys to achieve awareness, effectiveness, understanding and the use of soft skills.


White Paper: Emotional Intelligence Likert Scale Image-based, in other words: the impact of images in soft skill assessments starting from tests that evaluate emotional intelligence.


82% of CEOs are convinced that “building a corporate culture is a fundamental asset for determining competitive advantage” (Deloitte University 2016).

Perceiving, using, understanding and managing emotions has repercussions in both private and professional life. Therefore, many organizations shared Goleman’s theory of emotional intelligence as a strong indicator of successful professional performance.
Emotional intelligence is considered, in fact, a predictive element of performance and, therefore, it is essential to analyze it by using increasingly accurate tools.

To this end, the classic observation scales, which associate verbal language with an individual response, have shown some critical points.

We have identified a new association method that replaces language with images; in such a way as to facilitate the transition between perception and understanding of emotions.

Reasons for the research and critical issues investigated

Our work is oriented to solve the following critical issues:

  1. Logical understanding of the sentences;
  2. Semantic understanding of the sentences;
  3. Awareness of emotions;
  4. Translatability of the sentence into images representing common social situations;
  5. Social desirability problems due to the reading of the sentences included in the assessment.

Expected results

We want to create an image-based analysis tool for soft skills based on Likert Scale which, thanks to the immediacy of the image, simplifies the process of recognizing emotions.

The final purpose of this new tool will be to shed light on the potential of each individual’s soft skills by nurturing talents and, on the other hand, allowing the company to obtain reliable results to improve the corporate culture and create value.

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