Soft Skills Insight Profile

The Soft Skills Insight Profile questionnaire provides a comprehensive analysis of soft skills and behavioural trends. The corresponding report offers a detailed overview of the soft skills’ profile, highlighting habitual behaviours when acting and interacting with others and providing a comprehensive insight into how goals and relationships are typically approached. Four main trends are outlined:
1. Dominant: if decisiveness and results-oriented behaviour prevail. Ability to make quick decisions and handle challenging situations.
2. Influential: if sociability, energetic behaviour and relationship orientation prevail. Ability to relate to others and create a positive environment.
3. Steady: if trust in others, cooperative and stable behaviour prevail. Ability to manage stress and collaborate effectively.
4. Cautious: if precision and accuracy-oriented behaviour prevail. Ability to focus on details and make thoughtful decisions.


The questionnaire analyzes the following soft skills: Achievement Striving, Active Leadership, Competence, Self Reliance, Assertiveness, Relational Leadership, Sociability, Optimism, Agreeableness, Cooperation, Stress Tolerance, Trust, Perfectionism, Self Discipline, Planfulness, Accuracy.

Time for completion

18 minutes


Number of items


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