The soft skills of Multipotentialites

A multipotential person is endowed with various talents that allow them to excel and distinguish themselves in many sectors and in the most varied activities. Multipotentiality can offer unique advantages: the ability to combine skills and knowledge from different areas can, in fact, help to generate creative and innovative solutions. Multipotential people can connect concepts and ideas from different worlds, thus enriching their approach to challenges. This multipotentiality questionnaire aims to identify and highlight the soft skills that distinguish a multipotential individual. This type of assessment can be useful to better understand yourself and how to integrate your passions and interests so as to have a satisfying and fulfilling professional and personal life.


The questionnaire analyzes the following soft skills: Love of Learning, Judgement, Curiosity, Perfectionism, Zest, Adaptability, Assertiveness, Empathy, Depth, Valor.

Time for completion

10 minutes


Number of items


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