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ASIA – the only Zucchetti HR Top Partner in Friuli Venezia Giulia – has been distinguished since 1996 in providing cutting-edge services in the field of information systems. The company specializes in delivering software platforms in the Human Resources and ERP domains, addressing the needs of businesses of all sizes concerning personnel administration, general HR management, and areas such as Logistics, Facility, Operations, and Finance.

ASIA strongly believes in the development of individual skills, the enhancement of relationships, both internal and external, and makes high-quality consulting its main distinctive feature – guiding clients towards digital and innovative evolution over time.


Client: ASIA
Period: 2023
People involved: Whole company: HR/ERP application consultants, sales department, IT department.

Client Needs

ASIA decided to collaborate with Eggup in October 2023 for the implementation of an internal development project. The client expressed the intention to provide its employees with a unique opportunity for self-reflection, allowing them to recognize strengths and identify areas of potential improvement.

Project Development

To best meet the client’s objectives, Eggup, as a first step, initiated a co-design session. This session is a fundamental tool for Eggup to capture the client’s needs and current/future requirements, as well as potential developments. The session was therefore focused on identifying key objectives, understanding past training and assessment experiences, and exploring the continuation of post-assessment activities. The analysis of collected data allowed for the identification of the most effective path and tools for Asia’s development in line with its organizational culture.

After comprehending the various facets of the company, in collaboration with the client, we conducted a survey among all employees participating in the project. The goal of the brief survey was to actively involve them in identifying the most representative core values of ASIA to fully engage them in the growth process.

The values identified from the survey analysis were correlated with the Eggup database to translate them into soft skills and generate a personalized test that, at the client’s suggestion, was named “The Value of #Asians“.

Before the testing phase began in December, the project was presented to all employees to maximize engagement. The values identified from the survey were shared, the difference between the analysis of soft skills and hard skills was explained, and they were informed about the subsequent steps, namely one-to-one sessions and the Smart Coach.

In January, the one-to-one feedback sessions have begun: these are designed to be informative, motivating, and engaging for continuous development. The feedback will focus on three key elements: knowledge, awareness, and development.

Project Results

Since January, we have begun feedback sessions involving every employee, CEO Luca Zoratti, and our psychologist Francesca Chianello. These interactions with the ASIA Srl team have proven to be of crucial value, as the tripartite dialogue based on reports and personal responses to questionnaires has facilitated a productive exchange built on solid foundations. The process not only allowed employees to gain a more detailed understanding of their soft professional profile but also provided an opportunity to recognize and appreciate their soft skills in alignment with company values. Furthermore, identifying strengths and areas for growth has provided a solid foundation for individuals to work on developing their skills and consequently, their job performance. Feedback has also proven essential as a tool for internal communication, significantly contributing to fostering a company culture characterized by increased transparency and a supportive environment, essential for the psychological well-being of employees.

Other key benefits of the feedback include:
Increased motivation: Receiving personalized and constructive feedback helps employees feel valued and integral to the company, stimulating intrinsic motivation and a desire to surpass their own performances.
Promotion of self-reflection: Feedback sessions provide employees with the opportunity to reflect on their actions and behaviors, promoting personal and professional growth.

We are extremely satisfied and proud to have collaborated with one of the key partners in the Zucchetti landscape, and we commit to continuing on this path, promoting a work environment that values the well-being and professional growth of its members!

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