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HRNET was founded in Lodi in 2004 with a mission: to help companies simplify personnel management processes through innovative software solutions, as well as hardware and HR consulting. From the beginning, it has collaborated with Zucchetti, consolidating the partnership year after year and eventually becoming a TOP HR PARTNER in 2020. The affirmation in this role is supported by the many certifications acquired over the years at the Zucchetti Academy, which recognize competence and preparedness. Today, HRNET stands out for its three areas of excellence: HR Cost & Planning – Safety, Risk & Audit – Security and Automation. With a team of about 30 certified experts, HRNET is now a reliable reference point in the field of HR.


Client: HRNET
Period: 2023-2024
People involved: Entire team (30 people)

Client Needs

HRNET collaborates with Eggup starting from September 2023 for the mapping of the company values deemed crucial for further development and growth.

HRNET has worked with Eggup in various co-design sessions to create a comprehensive mapping of soft skills and values ​​belonging to its reality. Then they proceeded with the use of our assessment solutions to give life to a complete process of self-assessment and self-development of the soft skills of its people.

In the initial co-design phases, we started with a fundamental first step: clarifying, first of all, what the strategic objectives of the company were and what specific challenges they were facing at that time. This helped determine which skills were crucial for the success of the organization.

We then moved on to a phase of skill identification through interviews and moments of discussion with the company management, which in turn involved its people for a 360° discussion on the skills most required for each role and, in general, identifying of the company.

Project Development

At the conclusion of the crucial initial mapping process, Eggup conducted a customized assessment for HRNET to identify the best match between the values ​​and core skills that define the company and the soft skills in Eggup’s database.

This resulted in 4 macro-areas that investigate cohesion, interaction, productivity, and analytical skills, for a total of 14 soft skills under examination.

The chosen title for the custom assessment was Elevating Excellence, conceived by HRNET to convey a clear and powerful message about the purpose and goals of the assessment and the project in general: to focus on continuously enhancing the skills of its people by emphasizing the importance of achieving and maintaining high levels of quality in work, exceptionally and innovatively. It also implies an investment in the individual, not only to benefit the company but also to enrich the personal capabilities of the employee.

The next steps involved preparing a kick-off together with HRNET at the beginning of 2024 to best present the project devised by the company for its people and their continuous development. In an immediately subsequent phase, specific training sessions were organized for HRNET to better address the two crucial moments of reading the reports, which could then be returned to their people in dedicated individual moments, and reading the aggregated results to identify the distribution clusters of competencies that had developed within their corporate population and to consider targeted training and development paths for each of them.

Simultaneously, the three heads of the various divisions of HRNET organized the administration of the Elevating Excellence test to their people. Subsequently they also benefited from personalized inspirational suggestions from the Smart Coach: books, courses, podcasts, TED Talks, films, biographies, and songs.

Each manager then organized 1:1 meetings with their people to deliver individual reports and discuss their strengths and areas for improvement to continue enhancing with the goal of developing increasing self-awareness in their people and aligning them more and more with HRNET’s corporate culture.

Project Results

At the end of the assessment experience, in agreement with HRNET, we also analyzed the data in aggregate form, identifying the distribution of competencies across the entire company population and calculating the coverage index for each of the 14 soft skills examined.

Thanks to this detailed overview, different training clusters and the first four soft skills (assertiveness, stress tolerance, self-confidence, and trust in others) were identified as starting points for focusing on targeted training and development paths, which the client continues to activate with the support of funded training.

A next step will be to conduct a re-test phase after several months to evaluate any improvements in the soft skills examined and continue with a continuous self-development journey.

It is important to emphasize that, thanks to this project, HRNET has been able to acquire an assessment tool to use both for evaluating and growing its people and for recruitment activities to identify new talents more in line with the company’s values.

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