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HRZ Milano

Since 2006, HRZ Milano S.r.l., jointly with its partners, has been offering value-added services for the 360-degree management of company personnel. Moreover, since 2017, HRZ has been offering products and services for optimizing ERP business processes thanks to the technological partnership with Zucchetti. The team is made up of highly specialized and trained consultants who support over 1,000 companies in achieving the strategic and operational objectives of their organizations. HRZ thus sets itself the goal of enhancing human capital, improving the productivity of all collaborators as well as planning, managing, and monitoring the activities of company personnel and optimizing all human, economic and financial resources invested in production, research and development processes, sales, marketing and accounting.


Client: HRZ Milano S.r.l.
Period: 2022
People involved: Sales team / Consultants

Client Needs

HRZ has decided to collaborate with Eggup in August 2022 for the realization of an internal project. This project was aimed at new hires and some of their existing collaborators to help them raise awareness on their strengths and growth areas. At the basis of the work with HRZ, there was a clear premise which represented the leitmotif of the whole project: “The growth of our employees equals to the growth of our organization”.

Project Development

Eggup has created a personalized assessment for HRZ to identify the best match between the values ​​that define the company and the soft skills available in the Eggup database. The values ​​of HRZ have therefore been broken down into soft skills, which are in turn divided into three macro-areas: relational, cognitive and realizational areas.

There have been several fine-tuning meetings between Eggup and HRZ in order to enhance the assessment created and make it as in line as possible with the organizational culture recipient of the project. Supporting HRZ’s objective, the assessment was followed by a mini path of personal growth customized on the individual results obtained by each respondent, with suggestions such as: books, podcasts, TED Talks, movies and inspirational songs.

Project Results

At the end of the assessment, in agreement with HRZ, we organized moments of feedback with each individual employee. The one-on-one meetings with each person have been extremely important for the yield of the project because they have allowed everyone to acquire greater awareness of their own soft skills, their strengths and areas of development, so as to be able to work on them and also improve their own job performance.

The feedback also represented an important moment of internal communication, helping to create an environment more transparent and conducive to the psychological well-being of the people involved. A final fundamental aspect of the discussion of the results is represented by the help this can give the company in identifying employees with specific skills and who could be included in future projects, as well as in specific career paths. We are very happy and proud to be part of this project and to be able to carry it forward with one of Zucchetti’s key partners.

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