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Stars&Cows is an innovative SME with a mission to accelerate talent potential in individuals and companies. They operate through their professional services to support businesses, institutions, people, as well as business accelerators and incubators. Their collaboration with Eggup has been ongoing for several years in various areas, but mainly to support recruiting processes.


Client: Stars&Cows
Period: 2019 – ongoing
People involved: 40 per project (on average)

Client Needs

As part of the G-Factor project, for which Stars&Cows was called upon as a service provider, they were looking for tools to support the evaluation and identification of synergies within the teams of the start-ups involved in the project.

A comprehensive evaluation was needed to provide the client with the right tools to support the development phases of the start-ups involved in the incubation process.

Project Development

Given the target audience, it was agreed to create a set of tools to identify the possession and distribution of 5 key soft skills to determine the success of a team and, at the same time, to measure the soft skills related to the role of an entrepreneur.

The EntreComp (Entrepreneurship Competencies) is the official framework for entrepreneurial skills. This is divided into 3 macro-areas composed of 15 key competencies. The summary reports were used by Stars&Cows in the feedback sessions held with the various start-ups. This tool allowed the client to have a complete picture of which areas to focus on in order to help the start-ups in their acceleration paths.

Project Results

Given the results obtained during the various editions of the G-Factor project, Stars&Cows and Eggup have agreed on refining the model so that it can be implemented with increasing satisfaction for the client and the individual participants.

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